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J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s Market Insights program provides investors with a dependable source of timely market and economic insight. Now delivered in 25 countries and 10 languages around the world, Market Insights continues to be a key differentiator, providing clients with actionable market and economic perspective. The Market Insights program provides a complete framework of information, insight and commentary and is available in a variety of formats.


Weekly Market Recap

Start your week with a summary on market movements and economic developments.

Available every Monday morning, this one-page snapshot of market performance, statistics and trends keep you up-to-date and in the know with top headlines and news.

Guide to the Markets

Q2 2017

Use this “little book” to help explain the impact of key market events and economic trends.

Our flagship chart pack that helps to explain the impact of key market events and economic trends. It consolidates difficult to source data and distributes it in a timely basis each quarter end.


Quarterly Perspectives

Q2 2017

Highlights key market themes and to help facilitate meaningful discussion.

A guide to navigating the Guide to the Markets. It features four themes each quarter with corresponding Guide slides and talking points.

This quarter's themes:

  • A strong run, but a few hurdles remain
  • Can investors keep pushing the bar higher for U.S. equities?
  • Is the tide turning for emerging markets?
  • A good investor always carries an umbrella


Market Bulletins

Keep up to date with the latest market and economic news.

Market Strategists provide commentary and analysis on the latest events and their likely impact on the markets and investing.

 An absolute majority for Macronomics

 Investing in a Rising Rate Environment

 Reactions following the June FOMC meeting

 The UK government: Not so strong and stable

 Review of markets over May 2017



White Papers

Gain an in-depth knowledge of industry-leading topics.

The Year Ahead | 2017
The Year Ahead | 2016
Avoiding the stagnation equilibrium: How raising rates from a low level can boost economic growth
WorldView 3Q 2015 – The Fed, Europe after Greece and seeking value in Emerging Markets
Europe’s recovery: From caterpillar to butterfly?


Portfolio Insights

 3Q 2017 Global Equity Views

 3Q 2017 Global Asset Allocation Views

 Defining reflation, gauging momentum

 Rethinking income investing amid rising rates

 2Q 2017 Emerging Market Debt Strategy



Meet the team 
  Kerry Craig
Global Market Strategist
Executive Director
  Tai Hui
Chief Market Strategist
Managing Director
  Dr. David Kelly, CFA
Chief Global Strategist
Managing Director