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JPM global strategic bond fund

JPMorgan Global Strategic Bond Fund

The JPMorgan Global Strategic Bond Fund is a portfolio of our highest conviction fixed income ideas. The fund’s manager has complete freedom to bring together the most attractive opportunities identified by our sector specialists – regardless of benchmark allocations.

To achieve a return in excess of the Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index by exploiting investment opportunities in, amongst others, the debt and currency markets, using financial derivatives instruments where appropriate.

The Investment Manager seeks to achieve the stated objectives. There can be no guarantee the objectives will be met.

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Fund highlights

  • Best ideas' actively managed unconstrained global bond fund
  • Investing in a diversified opportunity set across global fixed income and currency markets
  • Dynamic sector management, aiming to only take risk when compelling investment opportunities are identified
  • Opportunity for a better risk-adjusted return profile by holding only the best investment ideas across the globe
  • With the flexibility to shift sector and duration allocations over time, managers can consistently generate positive performance in a range of market environments

Fund Details

  • Fund Managers: Bob Michele / Iain Stealey
  • Fund launch date: 20 December 2013
  • ISIN: AU60PER07279
  • APIR: PER0727AU
  • Benchmark: Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index


JPM Global bond fundJPM Global Bond Opportunities Fund

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